Business Options 101: Bitter or Better

by Mark P. Steinberg

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive and is further challenged by diminishing resources, limited finances, and severe economic realities, surviving can seem like a life and death struggle, and thriving can seem like a whimsical fantasy. The ability of an organization to optimally hone 2 specific staff skill sets is vital to corporate endurance during the tempest, and equally vital to corporate enhancement because of the tempest. The skills that are eminently worthy of strengthening in such a storm are “Managing Negativity” and “Creativity and Innovation.”

On a microcosmic level, stressed employees are extremely susceptible to effectiveness-diminishing and passion-depleting negativity, the power of which is exponentially enhanced in times of greatest stress and challenge. By understanding causes, symptoms and remedies for that negativity, employees can recapture or perhaps for the first time discover an intrinsic passion for their work – not just benefiting themselves but the corporation as well. On a macrocosmic level, by shifting a division or even better the entire organization to a culture of creativity and innovation, driven by very specific creativity tools, techniques, policies and methodologies, there can be a genesis of new ideas and innovations born in a reality of scarcity, that lead to unprecedented levels of organizational achievement. It becomes the ultimate manifestation of “necessity being the mother of invention,” and because of the severe challenge, heights are reached that never would have even been imagined if not for the challenge. It becomes astounding to see what is accomplished, and equally astounding to see the proportionality of height of successes to depth of initial problems. One of the crucial vehicles for mediating this culture of success is the creativity skill set that enables employees to tap into their existing creative power and wealth of breakthrough ideas, waiting to be realized.

The ability to personally and organizationally overcome negativity and the ability to generate optimally creative response strategies in times of greatest challenge are the skills that will distinguish the corporate winners from the “also-rans.” The times of greatest danger are concomitantly the times of greatest opportunity – and one thing is certain: the time is now.

This 2-day seminar is a high-energy, entertaining, user-friendly, interactive event.
On day 1, participants explore and learn specific strategies for dealing with negativity and replacing it with positive attitudinal alternatives. On day 2 participants are provided a sophisticated look at the inner workings of creative thought, and then learn and practice specific “Structured Creativity Techniques” all of which are applied to actual real-world challenges facing their organizations. Extraordinary organizational innovations are often created during the break-out sessions and subsequently utilized by the host company.

Together, robust positive attitudes and break-through creative ability make all the difference for companies in today’s world of amazing challenge and great opportunity. 

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