KEYGroup® creates cool workplaces that attract, retain and get the most from your talent.

We help our clients to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce Hiring Costs
  • Increase Retention
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Gain return on investment in leadership development

Keynotes…that inspire leaders to take action and make a bottom line impact on their organization.

Leadership Development...that results in higher productivity and retention of top talent and includes measurable outcomes and return on investment.Areas of development include but are not limited to:

· Selecting the Right Candidate
· Presenting With Impact
· Retaining Your Top Talent
· Coaching Your Team
· Keeping the Millennials
· Think on Your Feet®
· Managing Multiple Generations
· Maintaining Resilience in Challenging Times
· Tapping Your Creativity
· Goal-setting and Managing Performance
· Communicating Artfully
· Building Your Team

Executive Coaching…that propels high-potential leaders to achieve greater influence and results. Our approach includes insightful assessments of talents and skills and one-on-one coaching that challenges top performers to achieve even higher goals of excellence.

Consulting Services…that create cool workplaces that attract and retain talent; accelerate team development and outcomes; position human resources as strategic driver of talent management, and much more.

Assessments…that provide leaders with the data to make informed decisions in a fact-based and validated manner, giving them the metrics to track cost-savings and return on investment. This method takes very little time, is very inexpensive and is highly objective rather than subjective. Assessments are time-tested, indispensable tools for all phases of employment from hiring to development and succession-planning.

Chuck Sujansky is the CEO of KEYGroup®, a 30-year international speaking, consulting, assessment and training company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.  He directs the strategic management of the company, consults to executive clients and leads the workforce solutions division of KEYGroup®.  Using customized tools and consultation, he has helped clients significantly reduce hiring costs, improve retention and increase productivity, especially in the areas of sales revenues and profits.  Chuck consults to clients across many types of industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial and health care.  His specialties include group facilitation on leadership development, labor relations, return-on-investment human resources practices, retention consultation and productivity enhancement.

 Chuck is a Certified Trainer of the Customer Service Profile™ and the Profiles Performance Indicator™ through Profiles International.

 Chuck’s professional experience includes both union and non-union environments with employee populations ranging from 350-24,000 employees.  Previous to his consulting position with KEYGroup®, Chuck worked for Wesco, Bank of NY Mellon, Crowley Foods, and Westinghouse Air Brake Company in various executive and management positions touching on all aspects of strategic human resources.

Chuck obtained his B.S. degree from the University of Dayton, a Master’s degree in Human Resources from St. Francis University and has attained various human resources certifications and designations.  He is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management and HR Leadership Forum.


Jan Ferri-Reed is a seasoned consultant and President of KEYGroup®. Jan has presented a variety of programs to thousands of managers and employees in a diverse range of organizations across the globe.  She provides guidance, wisdom, and wit to leaders who want to create productive and profitable workplaces.

Jan’s work includes executive consultation to create and support retention cultures.  She facilitates senior-level planning sessions to help leaders to identify those values and behaviors that make their organizations unique and competitive.  She also helps corporate leaders to hold themselves and others accountable through recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and succession programs. Besides delivering speaking, consulting and training services, Jan oversees operations for KEYGroup®.

 She has appeared on television business shows and has been featured in a number of publications on the topic of retention. She recently co-authored the book Keeping the Millennials: Why companies are losing billions in turnover to this generation and what to do about it.

 Jan is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the Pittsburgh Human Resources Planning Society (PHRPS) and Pittsburgh Human Resources Association (PHRA).  She has also served on the Board of the Association for The Arc and on the Advisory Board of the Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities.  Her doctoral work was completed at the University of Pittsburgh where her studies focused in the areas of consultant ethics and organization development.

“Jan was our August 2012 IMS Los Angeles guest speaker. The subject was titled “LEADING MULTIPLE GENERATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE”. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation was clear and immediately actionable. Jan’s style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them) and willingly gave her time to responding to questions thoroughly. I certainly would recommend Jan for training on this topic.” –Errett Cord, Chairman 
IMS L.A. Institute for Management Studies

“Chuck, your presentation and feedback has been excellent. I am certain that all attendees benefited in come way from the many valuable pointers you offered. Hiring the right person for the right job is a key component to the success of any organization and you showed us the value in using assessment tools to do so efficiently.” –Emerald Van Buskirk 
Executive Director 
South West Communities Chamber of Commerce

“Your sessions not only met the specific needs of our organization by providing methods/techniques for conflict solutions, negotiation, team decision-making and communications, but they did much more. The sessions provided insight into the various styles of managers, and helped us to perform as a “whole team.” Long after the training I still hear staff making references to material learned and discussed during your session.” –David Miles, CEO
The Children’s Institute

“KEYGroup’s staff worked very effectively with our people. The way they evaluate participants’ individual strengths and areas for development is superb. Their method of providing direct feedback for practical techniques helps individual participants improve their job performance. KEYGroup is very well received here and continues to add value to our department.”  –William Gamgort –VP Enterprise Creative Solution
Bank of America