About Us


The Educators Network® offers busy managers a reliable, fully-researched pool of highly
experienced management consultants, training specialists, instructional designers, and exceptional special events speakers. It is widely respected for its ability to successfully link the appropriate expert with the needs of –

  • Corporate Managers
  • Government Agency Training Personnel
  • Meeting Planners
The Educators Network® is a 100% women-owned small business

How BIG is The Educators Network® ?

  • It is a nationwide network of over 50 Consultants, Trainers and Speakers who are qualified to address hundreds of different topics tailored to each organization’s requirements.
  • The backgrounds of these experts embrace the full spectrum of industrial categories and include impressive achievements in human resource development, sales, planning, procurement, negotiating, and executive management.
  • All consultants, trainers and speakers have had their own independent practices for at least five years. Most have been established for a minimum of fifteen years.

What distinguishesThe Educators Network® from most brokers and speakers bureaus?

  • Its practice of arranging for managers to communicate directly with the candidates before making a final selection
  • Flexible contracting arrangements and payment terms
  • Its ability to correctly link the right consultant, trainer or speaker with the requirements, as described by the manager.
  • Its ability to respond with specific recommendations within 24 hours after the request is received.
  • Its willingness to conscientiously assess the strengths – as well as weaknesses – of a consultant, trainer, or speaker as they relate to an organization’s specific requirements.

Why Contact The Educators Network® ?

  • Reliable Results: Over 90% of the organizations that have engaged a trainer, consultant or speaker through The Educators Network® have returned with additional requests.
  • Saves Time: The careful pre-screening of every expert before acceptance into The Educators Network® ensures that managers obtain the required qualities, skills and expertise, and eliminates their need to spend time in a personal search and selection.
  • Guaranteed CommitmentThe Educators Network® makes certain the organization receives what it contracts for. This means Network consultants understand and agree that the assignment is not transferable and that, after contracting, the consultant is personally obligated to fulfill the agreed-upon assignment.
  • Saves MoneyThe Educators Network® never places a surcharge on the regular fees of a consultant, trainer or speaker. This means the organization pays no more than if the expert had been contacted directly.

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“Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself.”― Sukant Ratnakar