The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group

The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group

New York, Boston, Sparta, Santa Fe, Los Angeles

Exposing the Unseen Truths About Your Business

You and your company will succeed or fail based on the image you portray to others, and your image is undeniably linked to what you say and how you say it.

If you have a company website, are you sure that the writing on your site is portraying your company in the best possible light? The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group can and will ensure just that.

What We Do:   

The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group provides hyper-analyses of all types of business writing. It is the ultimate polishing of your writing so that it is the best it can be when presented to your customers.  (See below what some of our gratified clients have to say.)

How It Works:    

Once the Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group accesses and examines your site on the web, errors and issues regarding style as well as substance will be highlighted and corrected.  After a comprehensive report is sent to you, Mark Steinberg will be available to talk you through all of the issues and suggested corrections. By the time that brief conversation is complete, your website will be ready to fully impress and impact your customers.

Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group vs. Proofreading:  

Proofreaders are writing experts who take a writer’s orientation to document examination.  That certainly is important but significantly incomplete.  Mark believes that proper hyper-analysis of business writing must include business know-how, psychological awareness, customer-service understanding, and sales/marketing expertise, in addition to proofreading knowledge.

 About Mark and His Clients:

Mark Steinberg holds graduate degrees in psychology as well as business administration, with specialties in business writing, business psychology, marketing and interpersonal communication.

He has already completed Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group analyses for, among others: Coldwell Banker, Jayen Chemical, the New York Public Library, The United States Tennis Association / U.S. Open Tennis Championships and North Shore Animal League America.

Exceptional Things Mark’s Clients Have To Say About The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group: 

 “I am a realtor who enthusiastically has been using The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group to critique my customer service strategies and real estate advertising.  Mark Steinberg sees things the average business person’s naked eye could never detect.  Simply put, it is like working in the dark with someone who is wearing night-vision goggles.  The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group is a service that you can rely on to make a real difference.” -J.W., Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Realtor

 “Jayen Chemical Supplies has been a leading provider of janitorial supplies throughout the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area. Recently an opportunity to go national presented itself. Mark Steinberg helped take us to the next level. His customer-service oriented guidance and savvy business insights, especially regarding our promotional writing, were keys to our success in achieving this new nationwide expansion. The sale of janitorial supplies is a very competitive market so we also were thrilled with The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group’s analysis of our corporate website. Mark Steinberg possesses that rare ability to use psychological wisdom in combination with smart business know-how in order to make amazing suggestions. He is a great find in a challenging economic environment. ” J.N., Jayen Chemical, President

 “At the New York Public Library we are totally thrilled to work with The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group. Mark Steinberg demonstrates marvelous expertise in observing, analyzing and suggesting strategies for how we can improve our guest services. We are an iconic part of the fabric of New York City, and to have someone like Mark Steinberg hyper-analyzing and recommending meaningful, easy-to-implement, pragmatic techniques to improve our guests’ experiences of the NYPL is absolutely precious to us. The concept underlying The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group is brilliantly innovative, and Mark Steinberg executes that concept with the most extraordinary professionalism, style, insight, and undeniably positive results. ” M.E., The New York Public Library, Manager of Professional Development