Sharon Roberts


Sharon Roberts is the president and founder of Selling To Women and principal of Roberts & Roberts Associates, a Texas-based training and consulting firm.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Sharon has been invited by organizations throughout the world to present her subject, Selling to Women & Couples and Silent Signals. In this profit-building program, Sharon provides keen insights on reading and interpreting those subtle, but important, “silent signals” that are sent to you and unconsciously by you.

By learning and applying the concepts covered in her seminar, scores of customers such as Honeywell, Virginia Power, GTE/Verizon and Amana have been rewarded by productivity and sales increases. The general sales manager of one organization reported, “Our staff of 75 sales people increased their sales 12% the next month—after implementing your message!

Each speech and event workshop, customized to meet her client’s objectives, includes a blend of humor and anecdotes that energize her audience and add relevance to the concepts she offers.

Featured nationally on CNN, the New York-based, “Let’s Talk Business Radio Network,” as well as numerous talk-radio shows, Sharon has reached millions of people with her timely message.

Sharon is the author of the book, Selling to Women & Couples: Secrets of Selling in the New Millennium.