Ritch Davidson

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Ritch Davidson, Senior Vice Emperor of PLAYFAIR, Inc., has presented his upbeat message about the value and importance of humor in the workplace to thousands of people since 1983. Ritch is a superb and entertaining speaker who gains immediate rapport with his audience.

Participants discover the value of humor in promoting innovation, flexibility and maximum productivity.

 Programs Ritch offers include:

  • Putting Fun to Work: The Power of Humor in Management
  • Laughter, Stress and Self-Esteem
  • Managing to Have Fun: Reward, Recognition and Retention
  • Playfair: The Ultimate Icebreaker
  • Speaking and Listening Compassionately: Fostering Connection and Cooperation at Work and at Home

Laughter is not only good medicine—it’s good business. Research clearly establishes that workers who have fun on the job out produce and feel better about themselves and their company than workers who are simply satisfied with their jobs, but not having much fun.

Ritch operates from the core belief that “as we humanize our work settings and celebrate our humanity, the better we will do our work and the healthier we become for it, too.

His presentations offer valuable information about team building, stress management, people-oriented management styles, and living a healthier worklife. The programs themselves are a celebration of the people in the audience and generate so much audience excitement and fun, they leave the participants feeling good about themselves, each other, and the organization. The results can be increased productivity, group bonding, and a healthier, more creative worklife.

Groups learn ways to appreciate the benefits of team cooperation vs. competition and why teamwork is a crucial factor for success. Participants leave his programs with specific ways to lighten up their professional work environment, decrease stress, and improve job satisfaction.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Ritch graduated from Kiddie Haven Nursery School. He earned his BA in Psychology and MA in Humanities from SUNY Buffalo. He absolutely relishes the many opportunities afforded him to spread this message of the connection between good humor, good health and good business. Ritch has offered presentations in all fifty states, as well as Canada, Norway, Denmark, Guatemala, El Salvador, Germany and half-a-dozen cities in India.

In addition to being a published photographer, Ritch travels to Oregon each summer for a four-day rafting trip to which he has pledged to continue every year for the rest of his life. His favorite color is plaid. He’s serious about play and lives what he teaches: “Take your work seriously and yourself lightly.

You can see a preview video of Ritch in action at that site or directly by visiting https://vimeo.com/10267311

“We really enjoyed having you open our ASTD Region 5 Conference. Without question, your presentation set the stage for our conference truly being a celebration of learning as the activities you used created an atmosphere of mutual support and learning. People learned that they are important, and that their health and well being are of utmost importance….Ritch, you made a difference in people’s lives as your messages were used throughout the rest of the conference…You’ve won a place in my heart.” –Vicki L Chvala, Director, Corporate Training and Development, American Family Insurance Group

“What a stunning success you were at all three Cunadata meetings. Karen Riley, the very astute meeting planner in Charlotte, tells me that your audience could not stop clapping. She feels that Putting Fun to Work set just the right tone for the meeting. Much was accomplished because everyone got to know one another and to feel a sense of cooperation even before the serious work of the meeting began.”  –Joan McCormick, Inc

Ritch builds teamwork and community spirit “Thank you!……thank you!……thank you!   Your outstanding presentation, Putting Fun to Work, was a “big hit” at Duron’s Annual Sales Conference. What a super way to provide our 450 management/sales attendees with positive impact, company spirit, enthusiasm, and an opportunity to share valuable and meaningful experiences and ideas.” -Dave Silkwood, Training Director, Duron Paints and Wallcoverings

Ritch tailors his programs to fit YOUR needs “Thank you very much for your excellent presentations at our T.E.A.M. meeting. We were especially impressed by the amount of homework and thought you put in ahead of time to tailor your message to our audience. You hit participation, mutual support, environment, wellness, and safety—all the key themes important now at Delmarva Power.” -Wallace C. Judd, Manager, Media Relations and Corporate Communications, Delmarva Power Company


“…what a tremendous hit you were at our Conference Days. The comments, evaluations and responses from nearly four hundred staff members were overwhelmingly a series of accolades. Your ideas, thoughts, as well as the practical applications of bringing humor and joy into one’s job were thoroughly meaningful to all of us. Your presentation and the specific ideas blended into the overall two-day staff development program. Building upon self-esteem and self-worth, along with joy, relaxation and attempting to reduce the stress and tension on the job were folded into an outstanding presentation.” -Seymour W. Blixhorn, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Services, Three Village Central School District

Ritch helps to fight stress “As you know, people working with child and spouse abuse are a high risk group for job burnout. Your presentation provided them with valuable skills in dealing with their own job stress. In addition, the group process generated during your presentation greatly enhanced the group cohesion and the benefit each participant obtained during the remaining four days of the conference.” -James L. Jenkins,Lt. Col , USAF, Consultant for Social Work and Family Advocacy Program Manger, Office of the Surgeon General