Fran Solomon


Fran Solomon, R.N., MS. ED., Senior Vice Empress of PLAYFAIR, Inc., has been speaking to excited and enthusiastic audiences throughout the U.S. for over 15 years about the revitalizing effects of humor and play in the workplace.

Her lighthearted, enlightened approach to work, life, and the community, “inoculates” organizations against typical workplace scourges: Chronic stress, lack of motivation, and uninspired customer service.

Always spellbinding, her presentations are chock-full of unique tactics and strategies for addressing customer service, teambuilding, diversity awareness and people-oriented management. Fran’s program topics include:

  • Putting Fun to Work: The Power of Humor in Management
  • Managing to Have Fun: Reward, Recognition and Retention
  • Work Like Your Dog: New Dimensions in Team Building
  • Laughter, Stress and Self-Esteem
  • The Ultimate Icebreaker
  • The Improvising Organization
  • Putting the Fun Back in Sales
  • Stress for Success: How to Turn Tension into Triumph
  • Internal Customer Service: Keeping Your Best People Forever
  • Caring for Those Who Care
  • The New Global Community: Living and Laughing in a Diverse World

Audiences Learn:

  • How to deal with organizational changes. GROWTH, downsizing and Re-engineering
  • How team-building works and how it can take your organization form apathy to exuberance
  • How to prevent burn-out and enhance job satisfaction by turning stress into SUCCESS
  • How to improve communications between diverse groups throughout your organization
  • How to use humor as a pattern-breaker to promote innovation and creative problem solving

As seen on CNN, CBS News and News Center 4 and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Vancouver Sun, Fran is a necessity for any organization with hardworking people.

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The explanation of why and how to put fun to work and the activities demonstrating how easy and enjoyable it could be were wonderful“…”Thank you for successfully integrating our theme into your highly motivated, fun-packed presentation…You have a wonderful gift for imparting useful information with humor and playful activities.”