Susan Salvo


Susan Salvo, founder and CEO of Revenue Generators, LLC, helps sales people and business owners generate new revenue. Her clients come from many fields including technology, medical, financial services, manufacturing, and education.

When it comes to prospecting for new business, Susan Salvo is the subject matter expert! Prior to establishing her own firm in 2002, she enjoyed a successful 20-year career in sales and marketing with such companies as The Hertz Corporation, Freedom Broadcasting, Inc., Knight-Ridder, Inc. and Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. as well as several small, privately held technology firms.

Susan’s skill in setting quality meetings – in person or by phone – involves a unique methodology she has developed and which she teaches her clients. Consistently, clients confirm the strength of this methodology.

Outcomes clients gain from her coaching and Revenue Generating Prospecting workshops include:

  • Tips on making sure the introduction letter to prospects gets attention
  • Understanding how to work with the gatekeeper to facilitate meetings with the decision-maker
  • Learning how to leave voice mail that generates a returned phone call
  • Secrets for dealing with cold calling rejection
  • Discovering how to manage a contact manager database

… I’ve met my share of ‘subject matter experts.’ However, you are at the top of the list when it comes to training people on how to prospect and use the phone to develop new business.

Your seminar, Revenue Generating Prospecting, was outstanding!

…thanks to your methodology and … coaching, I’ve now got a system for the ‘cold calling’ piece of my overall business development strategy…Thank you again for helping me generate new revenue through cold-call prospecting.

We have implemented your methodology as Best Practice for New Business Development…

During our eight weeks of cold call/telemarketing coaching, you’ve helped me to overcome my fear of making a COLD CALL