Lenora Billings-Harris


Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, is a Multicultural Diversity Expert. She is an international speaker, consultant and the author of The Diversity Advantage: A Guide To Making Diversity Work. President of Excel Development Systems, Inc., a human resources development company, Lenora delivers performance improvement interventions that enable clients to discover the hidden strengths of working in and valuing a diverse multicultural environment.

Her learner-oriented programs provide a safe environment to explore the sensitive issues of diversity as they relate to team effectiveness, multicultural communications, sales and leadership. Whether through keynotes, half-day workshops, or multi-day seminars, Lenora Billings-Harris’ thought-provoking programs are lively, positive, and non-judgmental.

Using marbles (she is known as “The Marble Lady”) and other fun techniques as metaphors, she helps people discover how to: Create a respectful workplace that values differences; S.T.O.P., inappropriate behavior and preserve the relationship; Counteract stereotypical information affecting productivity; Measure diversity success against business goals.

Lenora’s clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as professional associations and educational institutions. She is an officer on the board of the 4000-member National Speakers Association.

Leonora’s most requested topics include:

  • Unity Within Diversity: The Oz Perspective
  • The Diversity Advantage: Turning Barriers Into Bridges
  • Empowering Teams By Valuing Differences
  • From Adversaries To Allies: Gender Communication In The Workplace
  • Capturing Today’s Multicultural Market
  • Becoming The Totally Responsible Person®

Informative, thought-provoking, fun, practical

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