Kevin Carroll

TENNIS: USTA Leadership Meeting

Kevin Carroll, who founded KJC Communications in 1996, is single-minded in his quest to help people better connect with each other. This has led him to inspire and motivate audiences as a professional speaker and to achieve enormous success as a communication skills trainer with small groups and in one-on-one coaching sessions.

His lively, hands-on workshops are chock-full of information and insights that empower others to achieve higher levels of performance as a result of their ability to understand each other better. They are high-energy, practical and fun:

  • Life’s A Boomerang!:  Participants will leave this program knowing exactly what to do to immediately improve their professional and personal relationships. Life’s a Boomerang! is ideal for teaching about listening, understanding others, and resolving conflict.
  • Breakthrough Thinking:This program is hands-on and interactive. It teaches participants how to apply critical and creative thinking techniques to their business in order to find new and better ways to solve any business issue (lower costs, improve processes, fuel innovation, etc.). The results to date have been outstanding.
  • Winning Presentations:  This training will sharpen your persuasive powers and enable you to sell your ideas in a variety of communication settings (large audience, small group, on the phone, etc.).
  • What’s Your Hook?:  As businesspeople, your job is to influence and persuade. But if you don’t know how to grab someone’s attention, or if you can’t make your message stick, then it’s an uphill battle. Kevin will share the creative secrets he’s learned from 17 years in the advertising business and show you how to apply them to your meetings, presentations and sales calls. Every participant will walk away with a number of specific hooks that can immediately be put to use. (Don’t forget to ask Kevin about the m&m story.)
  • Executive Presence:  This eye-opening and empowering program provides participants with an objective look at themselves and will identify specific behaviors that will help them look, act and sound like leaders (while still being true to who they are). Participants will learn how to “own the room” (in a good way), how to react under pressure, and what to do if put on the defensive. They will be taught non-verbal skills that will help them “bounce back positively” rather than become either submissive or aggressive.

Videotaping will be a key part of this class. Watch a few here:

As a presentation coach, Kevin turns executives with content-rich presentations into engaging, inspirational, and livelier speakers.

Kevin developed his own high-energy, real-world approach to training after a successful advertising career. His eclectic background includes a brief stint as a stand-up comic and long-time work with the Big Brother program.

I loved the course. I have a sense of accomplishment and confidence for which I am grateful. The course was informative and instructional. You presented yourself with confidence and style.

““I credit your class as the turning point in the problem. I think your class was the most productive I have ever attended.” – Unilever 

Kevin, your style is outrageous and refreshing. This is one of the best courses taken in my 12-year career!

Kevin, your presentation skills and the visual aids were excellent. It was refreshing to have a course taught in a more flexible format. Thank you.

“Your scores for last week’s Phase II were (again) a whopping 4.0 out of a possible 4.0! Some people even rated you an “over-the-top” 5.0, out of a possible 4.0!” — Purdue Pharma