Joy Baldridge


Joy Baldridge, CPC, CSP, is a renown self-management expert who helps the best companies in the world become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing stress and frustration.  She began her speaking and training career at birth.  She was born into a family of driven entrepreneurs and dynamic educators. Her parents founded the Baldridge Learning Center in 1956. Her first official speaking engagement was at the White House, at the age of 19.

She got there by cold calling the president.

In 1992, Joy founded Baldridge Seminars International, a professional development organization that focuses on management, leadership, sales, communication and priority management skill development.  In her seminar and keynote presentations Joy shares innovative ways to adapt to change while increasing revenue, productivity and profitability.  Her keynote presentations and seminars are highly entertaining, extremely informative and completely customized. They are known for producing immediate, positive, and tangible results.

Joy is the author of The Fast-Forward MBA in Selling, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  This book provides an abundance of what she calls “Golden Nuggets” of information: Useful real-world tips, case studies and strategies designed specifically to help create self-managed business professionals. Joy has appeared as an expert in many publications including: Time Out New York, B to B Media Business, Working Mother, SUCCEED, American Health, SELF, Parents and Selling Power.  She has been a guest on many radio programs, and was the host of a talk show on Cablevision where she interviewed CEO’s of fortune 500 companies and asked how they were able to make it to the top.

Joy speaks, trains and consults with a wide range of corporate talent both domestically and globally. Her clientele consists of 200+ corporations, publishing/media organizations, associations and government agencies including American Express, 3M, GE Capital Corporation, Time Inc., Toshiba America, Inc., United States Surgical Corporation, Time/Warner, Energizer, National Geographic, GQ, Vanity Fair, Oprah, Newsweek, Architectural Digest, Rolling Stone, UBS, Citigroup Private Bank, Coldwell Banker, JP Morgan, PepsiCo, Club Med, IBM, Xerox, Basement Systems, The American Bar Association, United States Tennis Association, Bigelow Tea, American Society of Interior Designers, National Kitchen and Bath Association, The American Management Association and Magazine Publishers of America..

Joy coaches managers and C-level executives on professional development skills including exceptional presentation best practices, management leadership, and positive change management.  Her diverse background as a keynote speaker, trainer, sales professional, manager and vice president, enables her to present information across all corporate levels.

Keynote Topics:

  1. Making the Best Even Better
  2. The Joy Experience: Bringing More Joy to Your World
  3. How the Best Communicate Better – Communication that gets results
  4. How the Best Lead with Integrity Better
  5. How The Best Sell Better
  6. How the Best Manage Time and Priorities Better
  7. How the Best Manage Stress Better – Success with Less Stress

Training Topics

  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR BOTTOM LINE RESULTS –“Can you hear me now?!”  In this dynamic session you will learn how to clearly get your message across and understand what is being communicated to you both verbally and nonverbally.  There is nothing like clear communication to enhance productivity and foster good relationships.
  • LISTENING SKILLS THAT POSITIVELY IMPACT COMMUNICATION – “Listening is a gift that you give to yourself and others.”  In this interactive session you will learn how to be a good listener.  You will take the Listening Quiz to determine how well you listen and the ways you can improve.  Good listeners learn faster, make fewer mistakes, build strong, trusted relationships and are held in high regard.
  • SECRET WEAPON SELLING– Secret Weapon Sales Training contains innovative, tangible, and immediately applicable techniques and strategies, proven to increase productivity and sales revenue. Below you will find ten modules, each approximately 90 minutes in length, that can be customized in various combinations to create a keynote, half-day, full-day session, or two-day boot camp.
  • WIN/WIN NEGOTIATION SKILLS – “Life is a negotiation.  Are you getting your share?”  In this content-rich session you will learn the 10 characteristics of win/win negotiators.  You will discover how to get more of what you want, need and deserve in work and life.  You will also build codenfidence and reduce any apprehension or fear regarding the negotiation process.
  • POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS THAT GET RESULTS – “Presentation is everything!”  In this hands-on session you will learn how to present with power, confidence and style.  In addition, you will conquer nervousness, organize thoughts and engage your audience more effectively.
  • TARGETING YOUR TIME AND PRIORITIES FOR TANGIBLE RESULTS – “Lose an hour in the morning and you’ll spend the rest of the day looking for it.”  How would you like to gain 5-10 more hours in your week?  In this insightful session you will learn how to handle and recover from interruptions faster and get work and projects done sooner, deal with email more efficiently and set and reach goals in a more timely manner.
  • PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT MORE THAN THEY ARE DIFFICULT– Do some people just drive you crazy?!  In this interactive session you will learn how to cope with the four core different personality types.  The key is to understand that people are different more than they are difficult.  You will take a unique personality profile that will help you see your world from different points of view.  You will not only discover your personality type, but you will learn three other types and the hot buttons that help you build and maintain positive relationships with them.
  • SUCCESS WITH LESS STRESS – “Got Stress?”  This seminar will help.  In this relaxing session you will learn what causes the stress that you frequently experience and how to alleviate it.  You will leave with a feeling of control over the things that stress you out most.  Ommm
  • MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP BOTTOM LINE RESULTS – What does it take to be a great manager and leader?  In this insightful session you will learn the 10 most vital traits of exceptional managers and leaders.  You will also learn how to build a productive team that gets things done effectively.
  • COACHING AND MENTORING: THE ROI OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – “Everyone needs a coach/mentor.”  In this session you will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring and how to do both effectively.  You will also discover how to find the time to coach and mentor in your busy, hectic day.  A coach/mentor can have an enormous impact on those they help.  It is a rewarding and enlightening role to take.
  • MOTIVATIONAL SKILLS: HOW TO BE SELF-MANAGED AND PROSPER – Igniting the motivation within!  In this energizing session you will learn the 7 keys to effective self-motivation and the ways to inspire those you work with to be highly motivated too.  You will leave with a game-plan to keep you up and going even on the most down and dismal days.
  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE: HOW TO HAVE FUN, MAKE MONEY, AND ENJOY YOUR WORK AND LIFE – How to balance the juggling act of work and life.  In this introspective session you will discover fresh ideas on how to achieve greater balance in your career, home and free time.  You will learn the key components of creating and living a more balanced lifestyle.
  • TEAM BUILDING THAT IMPACTS THE BOTTOM LINE – “There is no ‘i’ in team (but there is a me!)”  In this interactive session you will learn the 4 essential C’s of effective team building.  You will also discover the 16 different roles that you can take on a team and how to make adjustments in the way you work as a team to yield the best results.
  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION – Seeing the beauty of diversity and inclusion with new eyes. In this insightful session you will learn how to treat people the way they want to be treated. You will discover how to understand the value of our differences and use those differences to create a higher level of trust and acceptance, as well as stronger and more cohesive teams.
  • EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Project Management would be easy if it weren’t for the people, budget and deadlines.  In this practical and hands-on session you will learn concrete ways to run your projects more efficiently and effectively.  You will begin with the premise that everything is a project.  You will learn how to see the big picture while executing the necessary steps and timelines to achieve optimal results.
  • NAVIGATING THE SALE- In sales you can experience the highest highs and the lowest lows all in the same day. But, you can learn to ALWAYS bounce back no matter what.  With Joy’s incomparable energy and enthusiasm, she helps you discover how to break through to higher highs and experience fewer lows, as your sales soar! The secret is the confidence you gain with Joy’s proven sales success formulas, that she created from her experiences as a top producer. This upbeat, sales-savvy presentation is for those who want to take the jump to the next level of excellence.
  • SPEED READING TO IMPACT LEARNING CURVE – How would you like to double your reading speed and get better comprehension and retention?  In this dynamic session you will discover the mechanics of how to read faster by discovering your current reading rate and learning how to accelerate this skill.

“Joy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Her presentation is a “WOW” from start to finish.  She gives a 5 star performance and sets a positive tone with the distinct entertainment, insights, and excitement that only she can bring to an event.  Joy is fabulous fun and delightful to work with.  She was the perfect speaker to kick off the celebration of our 100th anniversary.”-Coldwell Banker 

Joy’s insights on negotiation and strategic thinking are the best!  By far, she has the most useful and effective information I have ever come across.”-Banner Direct

“Joy has a wonderful, colorful, and lively personality. You just can’t help but listen and participate. Her concepts have an immediate real world application.  They are doable and memorable.  She made our meeting great!  She inspired us to put thought into action and gave us the tools to build and  maintain positive momentum.   Q:  What is the one thing an organization can do to further their success?   A:  Invite Joy Baldridge to speak at their next meeting.”-NBC Universal

“Joy makes people think and provides useful ideas that can be instantly applied to improve management and leadership effectiveness.”