Byron Stock


Byron Stock, a compelling speaker and dynamic seminar leader, develops the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of people in traditional organizations and communities to realize quantum leaps in improved productivity. Drawing on his 25 years of business and organizational development experience, Byron Stock uses stories, humor and practical wisdom to deliver high-energy programs that motivate audiences and target today’s issues.

Byron shares:

  • How Emotional Intelligence can increase talent retention, team cohesion and performance, employee satisfaction and loyalty, work/life balance, physical health, and mental well-being.
  • How the “emotional virus” can cripple organizational change efforts
  • Simple, scientifically proven EI tools anyone can use on command
  • How one world-class organization improved its productivity by 93% and its quality by 22% using these tools; in only 6 months

With an MBA from Xavier University, a BS from Purdue University, and business experience in a variety of organizational functions, Byron works easily with all industries and organizations. Examples of some of his programs include:

  • Courageous Leadership
  • Through The Eye of the Storm – Charting A course for Team Success
  • Transforming the Chaos of Change into Success
  • Self-Management and Coherent Communication
  • Restoring Balance in a Chaotic Environment
  • Getting to the Heart of Performance
  • Inner Quality ManagementÒ
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) SkillsÔ (including the IQM Technology)
  • One-to-One Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching (including the IQM Technology)

The content was enlightening and inspiring, and your delivery was exceptionally professional. Participants’ responses indicate that they have enthusiastically embraced your concepts…they are taking steps to increase their adaptability and prepare for the future.

What a joy you are to work with! I especially appreciate your skill in moving us to our goal while you dealt with personalities and agendas.

A great tool to combat the turmoil and stress of business and life…

A must. Topic is hot and extremely on target.