Zuhair Suidan


Zuhair Suidan is the principal of Suidan Associates, a marketing, strategic planning, and business development management consultancy. Working within varying corporate, industry, and competitive position settings, Mr. Suidan leads multiple client teams to:

  • Understand their markets
  • Analyze their opportunities
  • Develop distinctive, integrated and workable marketing strategies which will be bought into throughout the organization.

Mr. Suidan has developed a powerful, yet easy to use, strategic marketing planning process that greatly increases the effectiveness and speed of visioning and objective setting, situation analyses, and marketing planning.

His professional background extends over 30 years, including a 23-year career in the information systems industry and IBM. It covers a broad range of projects involving marketing planning, strategy development, consulting, and the management of marketing and technical areas.

Mr. Suidan has worked with telecommunications, insurance, production mail systems, medical devices, shipping systems, laboratory instrumentation, data management systems, and education.

Educated at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Mr. Suidan holds a B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.

All of his clients praise him for the important role he has played in helping them successfully accomplish their goals.

He frames the information in such a way that it results in the sought-after solutions.

He has the right balance between disciplined process and flexible approach.

He adjusts his thinking to what the customer needs while other consultants force-fit their ideas onto the organization.