Mark P. Steinberg


Specializing in “applied psychology,” Mark Steinberg uses psychological techniques and theories to address specific, practical, real-world problems that challenge individuals and organizations alike. “It is the ultimate, meaningful use of psychology,” Mark told WCBS radio. “It takes psychology from the laboratory and the university and brings it into the real world – making a difference in the lives of people and organizations.”

Offering corporate training, speeches, and consulting since 1990 on stress management, positive attitude amidst negativity, enhanced customer service, optimized communication, and change management, as well as a fascinating array of other topics, Mark has lectured to tens of thousands of people around the United States and the world. He has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-sized companies, from the private sector to the public sector, and everything in between.

He has discussed corporate training on WABC, WCBS and WINS radio and has had articles published regarding inspirational ways to handle stress and innovative approaches to creativity.

An honors graduate from New York University, Mark received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – with Dean’s List honors, and he holds 2 Master’s Degrees: one in Counseling Psychology and a second in Business Administration.

After 15 years of teaching in The City University of New York, Mark started his corporate training/speaking business and has been giving presentations around the globe ever since. He has presented for American Express, Pepperidge Farm, Anheuser-Busch, SES-Engineering, Celebrity Cruises, AT&T, CITIBANK, Clairol, Ingersoll-Rand, Kraft-General Foods, ShopRite, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bristol-Myers Squibb, JPMorgan CHASE, COCC, North Shore Animal League America, World Trade Institute, The Ford Foundation, HLW, The United States Tennis Association, Time Warner, NYU, Verizon, and over 150 additional organizations.

His wide-ranging offerings include:

  • Leadership from the Heart
  • Inspired Stress Management
  • Coaching and Counseling of Colleagues
  • Breakthrough Conflict Resolution
  • Optimized Interpersonal Communication
  • The Art and Science of Creativity
  • Secrets of Memory Improvement
  • Brain Wellness: Healthy Brain, Happy Life
  • Championship Team Building
  • Writing Skills for Business Success
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Power Presentations: Being a Great Speaker
  • Statistical Methods – Finally Easy!
  • Time Management for Work and Life
  • The Home Grown Brilliance Project

“It was the most informative and inspired presentation I’ve seen. He is an artist.” GT – Continuum Engineering Design Corp.

“Mark’s personality makes all the difference. I suppose there must be some other people who have the knowledge he has, but I can’t imagine anyone presenting it as well.”  RF – NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation

“Brilliant course. I was so impressed with the instructor — very knowledgeable and a master of the art of presentation. This was a fabulous interactive experience. He is truly a gifted person.” MB – Los Alamos National Laboratory

“The stories and anecdotes related by Mark brought his points into crystal clear perspective. His ability to weave a story and relate it to his lecture points was extraordinary.”   NJ – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Mark totally changed the way I look at my life and my work. It was an amazing thing to go through. This class has changed my life.” RM – CWA

“The enthusiasm, humanism, humor, and anecdotes of the instructor were remarkable. What an unexpected treat this was!”  MB – AT&T

“We are going to be able to put what Mark Steinberg taught into immediate use tomorrow morning. It was the best teaching of real-world tools that I’ve ever attended. Outstanding!”  RT – Ingersoll-Rand

“Take 5 parts subject matter expertise, 5 parts personality, mix in 3 parts great story-telling ability, 1 part New York City sensibilities, sprinkle in secret spices, and you get Mark Steinberg. You really have to see him to understand; and believe me, he’s worth seeing.” MG – The Alliance for Employee Growth and Development