Kate Driesen


Kate Driesen, president of Driesen & Associates, specializes in change management through communication, interpersonal skills and personal development.

Her passion for the programs she teaches distinguishes her from others who conduct similar programs. Taking an energetic, fun approach to her subject matter and her clients, Kate approaches her seminars with a personal assurance and leaves participants with skills to practice daily.

Kate’s extensive experience with Jack Canfield, America’s pioneer in self-esteem, Fred Pryor Seminars and the American Management Association has sharply honed her ability to successfully and sensitively handle training situations for all levels of management.

Kate has led one-day to five-day seminars for all age groups and is in demand for a wide variety of programs, including:

  • Presentations Skills
  • Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
  • Coaching Skills
  • Solving Communication Problems
  • Stress Management for Women
  • Gender Differences in the Workplace
  • Achieving Professional Excellence
  • Goal Setting
  • Train the Trainer

Her training “comes from the heart.”

“Her vitality is catching.”

“She is tops among trainers we have used. She knows what she’s talking about!”

“It is really good to see the momentum at this company because I never thought it would be seen. You truly have a gift and thanks again for working with us.”

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