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Training Implementation Services
The real genius is not in building it. It is in getting it used”.

We approach our work with the understanding that “the real genius is not in building it. It is in getting it used”. Therefore, we work very hard at engaging the participants, positioning structured interactions, developing on-going reinforcement experiences and generating competency measurement so that not only is the retention of the content increased but also the ability to use this knowledge back in their work setting. Accountability is the fuel that drives our instructional design supported by the appropriate content – yours, ours or a combination of both.

Our strength is our ability to partner with the existing trainers and/or subject matter experts to help generate a program that they not only feel good about delivering but are excited about delivering it.

Key Benefits of our Approach to Instructional Design

·      Accelerate the productivity of top performers who are committed to growth and success.
·      Accelerate identification of learners who are not committed to growth and/or need additional training support.
·      Provide the structure required to get existing training resources used.
·      Create accountability for the learning results from national/local management on down to the learner.
·      Enhance the ability of the local “facilitator” to support the development the learner more effectively.
·      Increase the effectiveness of the classroom training and/or reduce the classroom time required to train the content while at the same time getting better results.

 Audiences Using Our Instructional Design

The instructional design can be used with any audience but it has been primarily used by:

  • Management (Leadership Development)
  • Managers to train their Sales Managers; Sales Managers in general
  • Managers responsible for telemarketing sales
  • Sales and Sales Support Representatives
  • Life & Health Underwriters
  • Specialized Support Areas

Training Implementation Services

“The real genius is not in building it. It is in getting it used”.

Development Steps

To incorporate the learning resources and structure the learning to “get it used”, our instructional design follows these pragmatic steps – the depth of these steps depends on whether we are developing a classroom or a self-study platform with managerial facilitation:

  • Fact-Finding – Our learning experience targets a specific audience that the client identifies (e.g., management, account executives, underwriters, etc.). This fact-finding step creates the business/certification context for the learner.
  • Instructional Strategy and Media Assessment – We work closely with the organization’s management and Subject Matter Experts to evaluate, recommend, and select the best approach, medium, and instructional design for the learning audience.
  • Resource Assessment/Integration – Next, we assess the characteristics of the business setting, including relevant resources and constraints. Rather than create redundant content, we integrate and structure these existing resources into our instructional design and fill in any content gaps.
  • Road Map to Success – The learner, with the aid of a facilitator, is ultimately responsible for his or her own learning. Our process is challenging – for both learners and facilitators – but it’s not complicated. Our instructional design empowers learners by providing them a “roadmap” or classroom experience that traces each step they must take to prepare for their assessment and/or validate that the learning experience was a success.

Our Firm

Our firm provides our clients with performance-based training systems/experiences that impact critical bottom-line results. All programs are customized to meet the unique and specific needs of our clients, and each is designed to provide their sales and management personnel with the training they need to meet – and exceed – their goals and objectives. Our years of research and implementation have shown us that the difference between marginal performance and exceptional performance is the combination of motivation and accountability. Motivation becomes evident in the way participants respond to high expectations; accountability is the foundation for exceptional performance.

Partial Client List

Aetna – Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – ALICO (AIG) Worldwide – Capital One — Endo Pharmaceuticals – KeyBanc – Oppenheimer – Sodexho (Marriott) – Stop & Shop – Principal Financial Group – The Hartford – Wyeth Pharmaceuticals – Parker Hannifin – Eaton Corporation

Our Elevator Speech

We deliver a proven instructional Design that:

  • Engages the learner,
  • Motivates the learner to perform at a level rarely experienced in a business setting
  • Provides management with the ability to monitor and assess the performance and skills level of the participants.

The “dollarized” value includes:

  • More Management RPA Time (Recruiting and Joint Work)
  • Faster Hiring Decisions (No/No Go)
  • Reduced Cost of mis-hires
  • Structure and Consistency (Including Remote Locations)
  • Learner Accountability
  • Improved Basic Skills
  • Lack of “Buyer’s Remorse” (Reinforcement that the new hire has made the right decision)
  • Reduced classroom time with better retention of the learning
  • Significant reduction in the cost of the training

If we could show you a way to accomplish these outcomes for your organization, would you be interested?

There Is No Other Way!


Audience:·                         On-Boarding

·                         Benchmarking

·                         Changing A Culture (Merger)

Methodology: We provide a proven Instructional Design (Learning Engine) + Technology Platform (Chassis).   Your content/resources are downloaded on to the Technology Platform.

Value Proposition

  • Accelerate the productivity of top performers who are committed to growth and success.
  • Accelerate identification of learners who are not committed to growth and/or need additional training support.
  • Provide the structure required to get existing training resources – including your intranet – used.
  • Create accountability for the learning results from national/local management on down to the learner.
  • Enhance the ability of the local “facilitator,” who is also involved in many other activities, to develop the learner more effectively.
  • Reduce the amount of classroom time required to train content. With our Instructional Design, the learner will learn and retain certain knowledge much better outside the classroom than in it.

Our Solutions

The foundation of all our solutions is our Instructional Design

  • Instructional Design engages the learner in such a way that the emphasis is on application rather than reading, viewing and linking.
  • Accountability is encouraged by each participant’s regular interaction with a facilitator during meetings and certifications.
  • Group Facilitation Meetings (Teleconference) enable each participant to demonstrate their understanding of the course concepts, exchange ideas with their peers, and receive real-time guidance from their Facilitator.
  • The “One-On-One” Oral Certification reinforces the learning content and dramatically increases the participants’ retention of the material. Successful completion of the certification provides the participant with a huge sense of job satisfaction.

Using the foundation, our solutions fall into three categories:

  1. Customized Solutions
  2. Impact Ready Programs
  3. Delivering On-Boarding of New Hires

Customized Solutions

For those who have special training needs or desire a “branded” learning experience, our Customized Solutions are made to order.

  • We blend our instructional design with their resources to create a unique training solution that targets their specific needs and audience.
  • This provides their organization with a personalized, custom-tailored approach to optimize the effectiveness of their most valuable resource – their people.

Impact Ready Programs

We have taken our instructional design and technology to Subject Matter Expects who would be interested downloading their content on to our platform to give them another “product” for their portfolio.

  • Our SMEs include Morris Shechtman (Picking Winners and Keeper), Jeffry Fox (Dollarization), Shep Hyken (The Customer Focus), Tony Alessandra (Platinum Rule), Paul Karasik (Inside Wholesaler Certification Program).
  • These Subject Matter Experts are also actively promoting their expertise except now they have added a Blended Learning Program to their own Portfolio of programs – workshops, speeches, etc.
  • These courses were specifically selected because of their ability to make immediate changes in critical areas that impact the short-term and long-term success of every participant.

Delivering On-Boarding of New Hires

Because of the ever-present issues surrounding the successful on-boarding of new employees, agencies within two companies – Guardian and Sagicor – have outsourced the on-boarding of their new hires to us.

  • They did not have an on-boarding “process” that provided them with an on-going, systematic way to bring new hires into the agency.
  • The time and work required to bring new hires on-board gets in the way of the other priorities that the managers face on a daily basis in their jobs.

There Is No Other Way!

Starting Point: The real genius is not in building it. It is in getting it used.


  • The single hires in multiple locations are organized into a group and they get best practices training at a time when they are desperately looking for this training – their first 90 days on the job.


  • Each learner uses the technology to prepare for their checkpoint meetings – the “Knowledge Roll-Call” – and Certification. They have what we call “do its” to complete and interactive activities that they need to submit.
  • The expectation is that they will come prepared to a conference call (Checkpoint Meeting) and will have to discuss, explain and demonstrate their knowledge of what they were assigned.

Hawthorne Effect:

  • Completion of the assigned interactive activities and attendance at checkpoint meeting are reported back to managers weekly, and upon completion of the training the results of their one-on-one oral certification are reported. No one can hide – not management, trainer, or learner.
  • Some client companies have made their results – attendance, completion of activities and the performance at the oral one-on-one part of their performance appraisal.

Blended Learning:

  • Our definition of blended learning is integrating technology with human
  • Provides the structure required to put together a leading-edge learning experience and address the issues the reality, accountability, and the Hawthorne Effect.


  • The cost of classroom training has reached a point where alternative responses are not only less costly but more effective.
  • We can deliver training to a large number of people at a significantly lower cost while increasing participation in the learning and retention of the learning significantly.



·      Marketing Financial Services to High Net Worth Prospects

·      Third Party Marketing – Casualty & Property / Stockbrokers

·      Process Selling

·      Needs Based Selling

·      Sales Training

·      Management Development

·      Recruiting and Selection

·      Training Performance Systems


·    Generated Life Insurance Business for C&P Alphabet Houses, Large Casualty & Property Brokers, and Stockbrokers through Joint Work with CIGNA Producers.

·    Designed, Built, Implemented, and Managed All Field Training and Management Development Programs for Connecticut General’s/CIGNA’s Individual Insurance Operations.

·    Called on Over 100 Insurance Companies and Stockbrokerage firms in the United States, Canada, and Australia Marketing Wilson Learning products through Account Executives and Agents.

·    Managed Connecticut General’s Field Personnel Development Unit which dealt with attaining EEO Goals, Senior Producer Productivity and Retention, Manager Hiring, Development and Replacement, and overall Recruiting and Selection.


  • Training Implementation Services (TIS) – 24 years
  • CIGNA / Connecticut General – 18 years
  • Independent Financial Services – 2 years

·      Wilson Learning Corporation – 2 years


·CLU                                        · AALU

· IAFP                                     · NASD (Series 7)


· Oberlin College – Masters of Arts in Teaching

· University of Notre Dame – B.A. Economics



“Mr. Sarr,Thank you for teaching the training on Dollarization. I will admit that I was skeptical and not very enthusiastic at the outset. However, I have learned a lot, and plan to apply it to my new position (where it is more applicable). Also, thank you for taking it easy on me yesterday during my Capabilities Assessment. Have a good day! Thank you, Louie” –Product Sales Manager, CFPHS #16134Eaton CorporationHydraulics Group

“Frank, First, great job with this last class.  They knew it was a good deal of work, but they feel great and well prepared.  This helps a ton with building their confidence!  Awesome!” -Chuck, Sales Manager & Financial Representative, Alliance Advisory Group

“Hi Frank, I just wanted to say Thank You for the time and effort you put into our class and say I really enjoyed it and probably wouldn’t have put the effort forward that was necessary if it wasn’t set up and designed the way it is. It was pretty perfect how the class progressed with what I was experiencing  in the field at this early stage in my career. It was all almost right on queue. I learned so much and have to say the design of the program was great and even fun. Thanks again and maybe some day we will meet!” -Rocky Alliance Advisory Group, Inc.

“We have recently made a change to our training which is having very positive results.IIn the past, I and my managers conducted "new associate training classes" on a weeklybasis.   I  thought  the training  was  very  sound but  we were not  getting the results  Iwanted. Howard Elias and my firm are now using Frank Sarr to train our new associates and theresults have been very good.Frank has an organized system which is customized to our firm and has developed atraining website and curriculum for my firm.    He also facilitates a weekly call with myassociates to monitor progress.   I would strongly encourage you guys to give Frank 15 minutes on the phone to discusshis system.  It is awesome.” –Rick L. Ray, MSFS, BCEChief Executive Officer

“Guys,I have been in the business 26 years.  Frank’s training is the best. Richard L. Ray,, MSFS, BCEOverall, I thought it was extremely successful and the feedback from the agents was that it was a huge success as well. I look forward to continuing with this program and enhancing the relationship we have started.” -Andrew Rabas, CLTC, LUTCFManaging Director / Associate General Agent