Bob Silverstein


Bob Silverstein, principal of Corporate Change Consultants, provides professional interventions to help employees deal with the fear, anger, confusion and distress that result from a re-organization, strike, or crisis involving an employee death, serious accident, or crime.

His training programs address topics on

  • Workplace violence
  • Identifying and assisting the troubled employee

Bob is recognized by both his peers and his clients as one who devises innovative methods to not only successfully defuse the impact of a critical incident, but to turn the most difficult challenge into a positive opportunity for an organization.

His methods promote a sense of caring and control and facilitate a more productive workplace, improved morale, and enhanced loyalty.

Prior to forming Corporate Change Consultants in 1992, Bob was the clinical director for an employee assistance program, and an employee assistance program consultant. As an employee counselor for New Hope Guild Associates, he developed and implemented stress management workshops for the professional Wall Street population and counseled employees on:

  • Job Stress
  • Career Change
  • Personal, Family and Substance Abuse Problems

Since 1982, Bob has also maintained a private counseling practice.

As a consultant in a specialty where the wrong individual could be disastrous, Bob brings special skills.

Bob is solid, reliable and never lets me down. I trust him to go anywhere in the organization.

He is clear thinking and articulates his points very well. During the program, Bob was patient, answered questions, and geared the pace of the program to the group’s attention skills.

His approach is non-threatening and reassuring; he is sensitive and low key… is extremely competent and resourceful.

Bob is very knowledgeable, a gentle man, polished, easy to get along with, and puts you at ease. He has great consulting skills.